New Dimensions in Vadic Astrology by Chamatkar Chintamani

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All the answers of your Why?
In this book you will get all answers to your Why. It gives an explanation about the planets and their position in all the twelve houses, simple and easy to understand so that you can get an idea about the complex Vedic astrology and how it effects your life.
It has 72 pages and it is in English.

Lebenskraft durch YOGA

This book gives you an assertion of the main Yoga Asanas and how you can practice at home easily combined with Ayurvedic tips for your daily life.
It includes on the one hand Surya Namaskar and 44 different Yoga Asanas and on the other also two couple Yoga Asanas.
It has 106 pages and it is in German.

For the daily practise with Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri

This DVD is a visual guide for all interested people, regardless of their age and physical condition. Step by Step instructions of Pranayama and Asanas exercises show you how do to it at home in a correct way. He also tell you the benefit for your health of each Yoga Asana and you will get some basic information?s about Chakras and other important topics.
It is a live recording of a workshop and therefore you will get many explanations about daily practise.
It is in English and German and you can even get it with subtitles for a slow correct practise at home.