Recommendations by PRATEEK


Prateek recommends stones to help balance out different planetary energy. It is important that the stone has connection with your skin, therefore there should not be metal in between the stone and your skin on the ring or pendant. Rings should be worn on the right hand. Each finger is connected with a planet; therefore the different stones are to be worn on the aligned finger.

Please look at the chart - next by - to see: what metal the stone is to be set in, what finger the ring should be worn, what day to put it on, and what to soak it in the night before.


Prateek recommends fasting days as a way to balance out, purify, harmonize energy from a specific planet.

Each day of the week is connected to a different planet and so by fasting on that day, instead of taking in physical food, you are being nurtured by the energy of the planet.

? Monday ? Moon ? Tuesday ? Mars ? Wednesday ? Mercury ? Thursday ? Jupiter ? Friday ? Venus ? Saturday ? Saturn ? Sunday ? Sun

The fast is to be done from the time you wake up until after sunset when you can see the first star. 

It is okay to each fruits if needed, but keep in mind that it is a fasting day and not to over indulge on fruits. In the evening of when the first star comes up, you can eat a healthy, vegetarian, sattvic meal. Do not have meat, drug, smoke or alcohol on your fasting day.


What is a ceremony: A priest will chant specific mantras for you working with the planets and such to clear your karma.

This will affect everyone differently based on their karma. It does not mean that it will take away all the problems, but it will make them easier.

For some people it is important for them to be present during the ceremony, for others it is something that can be done from far with the priest knowing your full name and where you are when the ceremony is being performed.

What do you need to do for the ceremony:

? Fast from sunrise to sunset (eat a healthy meal once you can see the first star)

o No meat, alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc during this time

? Celibacy ? this entail not engaging in any kind of sexual activity (physical, verbal, mental, etc.)

? Do not tell anyone else about the ceremony because it disperses the energy and weakens the effects.

Extra details for 9+ day ceremony:

? Move your mattress onto the floor and sleep on the floor

? Tie a string around the corner of your bed post before the ceremony starts and take it off once the ceremony has finished. If you come from abroad to do the ceremony, tie the string on your bed at home before you leave the country and untie it when you return home.