Uttrakand Ratan Award from Sahara media group.

13th of March 2014...I got the Uttrakand Ratan Award from the Sahara Media group.

It is one of these days in life where you so deeply impressed and full of unbelieveable feelings...

It is one of these now for me...I got this great price and honor and I am feeling thankful to all my beloved family members, my respected guru and of course lots of thanks to all my friends - it is only possible by a combined blessing, by love and support from all sides and therefore I am deeply thankful to all...



The article was published by Jessica Ravitz a journalist of CNN who came to visit me in Rishikesh. I did not know that she is making a story about Rishikesh and all activities there nor that she is writing about me. So I was really surprised about it but I am very thankful for this great experience. So here is the part of my work - I made a vedic chart for her. For reading the whole article please click on it- it will open on the screen as a PDF File.

Have a joyful time Prateek