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Hello and namaste my dear friends!

Due to the data protection laws all over the world, I would like to ask you, in case you are ordering a vedic Astrology consultation from me,  to e-mail me the signed consent form for the use of your data.

This is for the protection of your data.

You can download the consent form in the menu item "consent statement"  and email me to

Thanks for your kind understanding. All other things will be same as before.

Please kindly note that you have 2 ways to send your donation to me:

1) Now we are changing the payment methods so please kindly use the old paypal account til all is working again:

So for the next few weeks please us only


2) Transfer via international bank transfer to my Indian bank account- here are my bank details are:

Prateek Mishrapuri 

Punjab National Bank India Kankhal

MICR Code: 249024006

IFSC/ SWIFT Code: PUNB0025100

Account Number: 0251000107198758

All other things will be same- you can mail everything to my email or to the ganesha email no problem- both emails I m keeping.

If you want to ask some questions about yourself please send me your Birthdate, your Birthtime and your Birthplace.

After recieving your mail with your details and your questions and after getting the receipt of your payment from the bank I will send you as soon as possible an email with the answers.

If you have already one chartpaper please scan it and send with your questions. It helps me to find a quick answer.

  • 1-2 questions Euro 10,-/ 10 dollars
  • vedic horoscope- it is a chart with the most important aspects according the vedic system for present and past - 50 Euro / 50 dollars

E-Mail: or or

The person who is asking questions is bearing all the responsibilities.

I don't make any claim of being complete- making a chart is a process for the moment and can give you only the point of view for the moment.

All informations will be kept in confidence and personal.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks for your trust.

All the best, Prateek Mishrapuri