Predictions and remedies for 2020

My dear friends, here you will find my preditions for 2020

This time I made it for each sign again and you have to check ascendent sign, sun sign and moon sign and than you can combine it.

It is according vedic system and I hope you like it. 

Sorry for the delay but I m very busy here in India;) and slowly all signs will come, thanks for your understanding, if you have any questions regarding this pls do not hesitate and message me. All the best enjoy the life with all ups and downs and much love and may the divine abundance fill you, Prateek


It will be a good year for promotion, getting a new work, finding your fullfillment in job, for increasing the sellery and for having good time at work.

It will be a good time for making better connection with your father. It will be also a good time for making new friends and for having good time with friends.

It will be a good time for increasing the family- new members can come

It will a good time for health as well

Only between August to September you need to take care of having some tensions about health- some back and breathing issues can happen

It is a good year for worshipping of Hanuman and for doing Vishnu pooja for having more energy and good luck

It is a good time to donate sweets but avoid eating too much sweets.


It is a good year for luck and energy.

There will be lots of travelling and it will be a good tiem with brothers and sisters.

It is a good time for getting good news about money

Aoril and Decmeber will bring some issues and troubles so do not eat spices in htese months, eat more healthy food and simple food.

And generally take care of your eyes and hair falling and headache. Do good hair oiling and get time to tiem good head massage.

It is a good time for worhsipping of Bharav and Kali the whole year.


The whole year will be a mixture of ups and downs, good and bad timings. Once one issue has left than another one will come. So be aware of it and ready for it, try to be in the flow and enjoy the life. Be hopeful and strong- everything will be alright and good for you

And take care people there name starts by M or S can give troubles to you, A, B, and D are good letters for you

It is a good year for going to mountains and sea side as well- try to be as much as in nature and reload yourself.

Avoid any oily food because Saturn is not so good so it can give bad effect to the choloestrol and eat more vegetarian food.

And bring more happyness to others because it will give oyu good blessings from them

And this year wear emerald in gold and do meditation at 6am or 6pm.


It is a good year to find the right person

It is a good year for business and business partnership

But June- July can bring some troubles in relationship, maybe some separation and finding new partner

It is a good time for internet business and for selling business as well

The whole year is good for worshipping of Durga and Kali

And it is a good year for fasting every Monday, for good health and prosperity.


Take care some silent enemies can send evil eyes and some strange energy

And take care of your throat, ears, shoulder and arms

And go more in the sun and give water to the sun early morning.

It is a good year for using solar energy

And be aware there can be some issues with brothers and sisters

And take care of having partnership with friends- money issues can bring some fights.

It is a good year for starting new things and for travelling

And if you meet a new woman, partner so take one spoon honey with water- it is a good remedy for successfull relationship.


Saturn will be separated so it is a very good year for children, all the troubles from the last 2 1/2 years are gone and a good time for children is coming

It is a good time for learning new things like philosophy, ayurveda, atrology etc

It is a good year for goign to enw places

It is a good year for buying new property

And every Saturday you can feed the birds

And the whole year you can worship of Durga and you can do 9 days pooja as well.


It is a good time for buying new property

It is a good year for opening the heart chakra

Take care some health issues of your mother can appear and avoid any argument with your mother.

It is a good time for selling out what you could not sell out long time

Some chronical diseases can come so be aware of it

Try to relax mroe and to give good time to your body and mind.

Massage with sesame oil is very good and eating sesame seeds in January and February and in November and December cna be very good

It is a good year to give donation to people like campher, loban and perfume.

And try to safe money for next years

It is a good year to worship of Shiva and Ganesha


It is a good time for travelling mainly to South America, South India or South Europe

It is a good time for meeting friends

Take care some troubles with children can happen- maybe they will not respect you or so, just be silent and avoid any fight with them - maybe talk via the mother with them.

It is a good time for worshipping of Ganesha and for fasting every charthurthi .


It is a good year for spirituality and for more deep connection with yourself

It is a good time for detox the body and mind

It is a good time for eating more turmeric, ginger and lemon- daily you can drink or eat them

Avoid driving fast and do not go for high mountains, do not take any risk.

But travelling in plane or by walk is no problem.

It is a good time to donate shoes and umbrellas - God will give oyu a divine shelter in your life.

It is a good year for worshipping Kali.

And maybe you will get some money which you are waiting from ling time


It is a good timefor self development

It is a good time to make your health better and to take care of yourself

It is a good time to go out and meet people

It is a good year for relationship and especielly if the partner is much older, partner in same age can have some ups and downs

It is a good year for opening with father and making better connection with him

And parents will help you all the year. But some bad habits can make troubles to your brothers and sisters

9 days pooja can be very good for cleaning the carma


It is possible to spend money for marriage of the children, it is time to help the children.

It is a good time for buying new property or new car

It is a good time to travell to West part like West of India or West Europe but avoid Arabic or African countries

July and August some health issues can come

And take care because you have chance to win money and loose it again so do not play gambling etc.

Blue sapphire in silver is a good stone for this year.


It is a year with ups and downs because Rahu and Saturn playing games so do not be nervous, be strong everything will be fine.

It si a good time to buy horses, dogs and cats

It is a good time to make meditation place or temples

And avoid eating fish, be more vegetarian

It is a good time for feeding animals and spending time with animals

It is a good time for eating coconut as much as

And avoid fighting with the wife, partner- some big issues can come

It is a good time to worship of Saraswati for knowing what to talk and tell, for getting a soft tongue and not to fight.